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Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance Plans

Real Estate Professionals have direct access to obtain quotes for Professional and General Liability insurance up to flexible aggregate limits. At Vendor Resource Management Insurance Agency (VRMIA), we work diligently to “go beyond the binder” and deliver timely and vital coverage tailored to your specific needs. We have partnered with OSC Insurance Group to deliver comprehensive Errors and Omissions insurance (in lieu of Worker’s Compensation) products at competitive rates.

Highlights of our Professional Liability coverage include:

  • Claims against you for negligence, even if you haven’t made a mistake
  • Violations of the Federal Fair Housing Act
  • Claims for failing to disclose pollutants
  • Damage claims from open house showings
  • Services delivered by your employees and temporary staff
  • Awarded damages and defense costs up to your policy limit

Highlights of our General Liability coverage include:

  • Injury to a third-party (not resulting from your services) and related medical bills
  • Legal defense costs even if the lawsuit is groundless
  • Liability resulting from damage to someone else’s property
  • Actions of temporary staff covered as standard

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