Who We Are


VRM Insurance Agency provides custom insurance products for real estate investors. Our clients range from individual property investors to large-scale investors, turnkey operators, lenders, property managers, landlords and rehabbers. We service thousands of clients with hundreds of locations across the United States. We can provide solutions for almost every type of investment property.

As a part of the VRM Real Estate Alliance, OSC has partnered with VRM Mortgage Services to offer truly competitive lender-placed and related risk management solutions from a variety of top-rated, international insurance carriers who specialize in this industry.

OSC is a leading provider of compliance-driven tracking technology and insurance products and services for lenders, mortgage servicers and property investors. Coupled with advanced call centers, document processing and programming capabilities—and rigorous security and governance practices—OSC  delivers fully integrated property insurance programs to some of the largest lenders and clients in the country.

– Keith Murray CEO, VRM Real Estate Alliance


Coverage for vacant, renovation, or occupied properties.

Tailor coverage options to fit your specific property investment strategy.

We offer coverage in all 50 states in the United States.

Insure yourself and multiple properties under one plan

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